April 6, 2015

Let’s Be Inspired ~ Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

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Let me tell you a little bit about Red Rock Canyon. The landscape is beautiful! Ribbons of red (duh-the name has red in it) in the peaks, valleys with hardy plants and views that can take your breath away. . . Swoon! Add in two very beautiful people in love and the combination is spectacular! When our caravan left the hotel, the day looked so promising. A few clouds in the sky, excitement was building as we navigated the Nevada highways on the way to our destination. We stopped to wait for our models to change in to their wedding attire near the entrance to the Canyon and my heart sank. Mother Nature turned on us. The sky started to spew a cold rain onto our van. A few minutes passed and I heard the tell tale ping…Ping…PING of hail. My stomach started to turn. AND THEN…THE SNOW STARTED. Seriously. We all decided to wait it out. After all, this was February in Canada. Oh Wiat, that’s right. We were in Nevada. IN THE DESERT. It would eventually stop. It had to. Right? So…We waited. We waited some more.  And then Mother Nature decided to show us some love! Although the sun didn’t exactly shine all afternoon, these two made enough heat between them to keep us all warm.redrock_shoot-67 redrock_shoot-65 redrock_shoot-58 redrock_shoot-56 redrock_shoot-53 redrock_shoot-31 redrock_shoot-75redrock_shoot-20 redrock_shoot-15 redrock_shoot-13 redrock_shoot-12 redrock_shoot-11 redrock_shoot-10 redrock_shoot-6 redrock_shoot-1 blogsample redrock_shoot-70 redrock_shoot-72 redrock_shoot-74  redrock_shoot-76 Photographer: Raelene Schulmeister Hair: Margaret Johnston Makeup: Sin City MUA Dress: The Dress Theory Suite: H&M Flowers: The Palette Rentals: RSVP Rental Creative Design: Stephanie Reeder

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