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Who Wants Beautiful Pics and a


(with YOU - not just the camera)

You’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer who can give you exactly what you want within your price range. I get it.

So what exactly is it that you want?

If we was sitting across the table from you, sipping a skinny latte and dishing about all things wedding, we’d say…

“You want a photographer who gets you.” 

You want someone who fits in with your crowd and sees the REAL STUFF in your love story (like the way your nose crinkles when he makes you laugh or the way he stands a little taller after your compliment).

“You want a photographer who creates beautiful photos.”

You want a creative artist who knows how to capture beauty, light, and wonder. You want photos you’re proud of - that you can point to and tell your children and grandchildren stories about. 

And duh - if we’re being totally honest, you want “jealousy-inducing” photos you can share on Insta and Facebook.

“You want a photographer you can trust.”

You want someone you can trust to show up on time and keep the timeline running smoothly. You want someone who securely and meticulously backs up their images, so your once-in-a-lifetime day or engagement shoot doesn’t just *poof* disappear.

You want a photographer who’s not afraid to “get down” on the dance floor, so they can get great shots of your guests in their element. You want someone you’re comfortable with. And you sure as heck want someone who understands you’re itchin’ to see your pictures the moment they’re snapped, so you want your images in a timely manner.

Right - we should be on the same darned page (or close).
Now, who IS the lead photographer sitting across the table from you? 

I’m Raelene Schulmeister, but you can call me Rae.

(it’s what all my friends call me and we’re basically to that point if you’ve made it this far, aren’t we?)

I wasn’t one of those young girls who loved taking pictures and dreamed of being a photographer. Honest to goodness, I’d never even picked up a “legit” camera until I was #adulting…

One day, my husband and I moved back to the small town he grew up in to take care of the family farm. I saw the passion my husband had for farming and said to myself, “I want that!”

I wanted to love my “career” as much as he did.

I ended up helping a girl out who shot weddings. All I did was carry her bag for 13 HOURS! BUT, I was on fire the whoooole day. It lit me up from the inside out. I went home and told my husband that I needed to buy a camera and a lens. And I did.

That was in 2013.

Since then, I’ve shot loads of weddings, couples, and families. I’ve also gone to a heck of a lot of workshops, courses, mentoring sessions, and continued my education. I’m a certified wedding photographer through the Academy of International Wedding Photographers. I also teach other photographers about photography and how to professionally run their photography business.

Choose the photographer who…

Fills you with excitement
Will go out of her way to hide a rogue bobby pin so it’s not visible
Won’t mind browsing your Pinterest board of ideas and inspiration
Is serious about her work, equipment, and backup system
Makes you laugh and love your experience

Will join you on the dancefloor to bust a move and capture you in your element
Gets inspired by the love she sees between you and your soon-to-be
Snaps original portraits that represent your personality
Makes you feel like you’re her only client

You can be yourself around and feel comfortable with
Is passionate about giving you the photos of your dreams

Choose the photographer who will totally be your "ride or die" 
(until the clock strikes midnight on your wedding night that is)

And most importantly…

I’d love to show you around these parts

so you can see for yourself whether we’d be a good fit. Take a peek at some of my other pages.

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