Do you need more clients, so you can actually turn a profit? 

Hey photographer friend

What about the “techy” stuff? Do you want to know: 

(I’m gonna go ahead and call you that, because I don’t believe in this nonsense that we should be competitors instead of one another’s cheerleaders)

Want to multiply your revenue, so you can start expanding your biz and lifestyle?

Do you desperately need to raise your prices without sending potential clients running for the hills?

Could you use some guidance on your initial sales calls or meetups, so people book right away instead of ghost on you?

Are you interested in starting a successful photography business, but don’t know where to begin? 

Would your business benefit from having proper systems and processes in place that deliver an incredible client experience that gets you repeat business and referrals?

Do you need to brand your business so you get more attention, but don’t know where to start?

How to actually use your gear the right way, so you’re not fumbling with your camera and makin’ a fool out of yourself in front of your clients

How to pose people for portraits, so you don’t end up with awkward angles and bunched-up clothing? 

How to efficiently edit photos in a beautiful style and seamlessly deliver final images to clients? 

How to install a CIA-esque savvy backup system that keeps your images from disappearing and your clients from wringing your neck? 

with a been-there-done-that, time tested mentor by your side, then I’m going to show you how.

if you want to grow your photography business

And these require you…

I’ve created 3 options for how you can work with me to get the consulting and education you need. 

I’ve put an incredible amount of time and effort into engineering these resources, so there is something you MUST KNOW…

Each one of these require commitment. They require you to take yourself and your business seriously, because you believe you have what it takes. 

Get Back to What Really Matters

Grow your business
Grow your revenue
Grow your skills
Grow your reach

•  The amount of raw talent AND experience
   your photographer has
•  How educated he or she is on posing
   (c’mon, you’ve all seen those awkwardly
   posed wedding and engagement shots)
•  How comfortable and natural he or she
   can make you feel in front of the camera,
   because you might be surprised by the
   “camera shy” that comes out when it’s
   time to click
•  The type of experience you have during
   hour-long shoots (hint: it should be fun
   and fabulous not dull and dreadful)
•  The timeliness of your photographer and
   how quickly and efficiently you receive
   your image gallery
•  The continuing education he or she takes
   and how up-to-date he or she is on
   techniques and new methods

No more “secretly” ( in private FB groups or with your BFF) nitpicking your clients, because of the props they choose or the outfits they pick or because they have a bajillion requests.

We’re artists. These are our muses. This is our expression. These people pick us because we’re they’re person.

Listen - clients CAN be frustrating, but we forget what a privilege it is to serve them on - often - the most important day of their lives. 

Regardless of how we work together (and what we work on), my goal is to always bring you back to what really matters: the people.

Ok - enough “serious talk.” I’m really not that scary. I’m actually a lot of fun and I LOVE to laugh. 

Each consulting option is designed to help you…

that is my hope for you!

Ready to work together to grow your business in the way you need to?

Yes! take me to your contact page

Not to mention all the other webinars and coffee chats with some other amazing educators!

Hi, I’m Raelene,
but you can call me

•  Luminous The Workshop with Justine Milton
•  We Three Workshops, the brainchild of Tricia Victoria, Sharon Litchfield
   and Katch Studios
•  WPPI (yearly)
•  Katelyn James’ Consistency Class, Lighting + Location, KJ All Access, Posing Class
•  Showit United (yearly)
• Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab + List to Launch marketing courses
• International Academy of Wedding Photographers…...

I’m the gal who attends the popular conferences, gets the legit certifications, and buys the uber expensive courses, so you don’t have to. Just kidding….you should totally do all that, too.

But, I have taken a lot of courses, acquired a stack of certifications, and attended a lot of events, including:

I truly believe that...

I’ve run a thriving photography business since 2013. Other photographers and industry professionals started to take notice and started to ask me questions, so...I started to teach workshops and mentor people.

“Some photographers are afraid of the fire and others become it.”

That’s why some photography businesses grow stagnant, struggle, and never reach their full potential.

Imagine how your name would spread through your industry and market,  if you REALLY become “the fire.” 

You’re a mom with a camera who is just getting started and wants to learn how to use the expensive equipment you just bought

You’ve been in business for 1-2 years and need specific guidance on specific roadblocks you’re facing

You have most of your sh*t together and just need to fine tune and tweak what you’re already doing, so you can grow and expand….

I can help! 

•  Luminous The Workshop with Justine Milton
•  We Three Workshops, the brainchild of
   Tricia Victoria, Sharon Litchfield and
   Katch Studios
•  WPPI (yearly)
•  Katelyn James’ Consistency Class, Lighting +
   Location, KJ All Access, Posing Class 
•  Showit United (yearly)
•  Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab + List to
   Launch marketing courses
• International Academy of Wedding

so, who am i btw?

Ready to work together to grow your business in the way you need to? 

Yes! take me to your contact page


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you typically charge to work together?

Full day workshops are typically $599. My upcoming mastermind will launch at the low price of $249 and you can get one-on-one coaching with me for $300 per hour.

Specific details for the workshops and mastermind can be found by clicking the images above and visiting the applicable pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will our 1-on-1 mentoring take place?

Depending on where you’re located, we can meet in person for a “coffee and coaching” session or we’ll set up a Skype, Zoom, or Facetime call for the session

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are payments due and what payment methods do you take? 

Payments are required in advance at the time of booking your workshop, mentoring session, or joining the mastermind. I accept payments via etransfer or credit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have soooo many things I need to work on, I don’t even know where to start. Can you help me determine where to focus first? 

Absolutely! We can set up a 1-hour coaching call with the sole purpose of taking a magnifying glass to your business and identifying all the areas you need to tackle. From there, we’ll create a strategy for you of what to prioritize and work on first, second, third, etc. You’ll walk away with a strategy that guides you and if you need coaching on any priority point, you can schedule a coaching call for that item.

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Ready to work together to grow
your business in the way you need to?

Yes! take me to your contact page