Right now, most wedding photographers would discuss how beautiful your engagement and wedding pictures will be if you choose them. And, we're gonna get to that, but first, I want to be straight up with you….

You can have the most amazing photos in the world, but if those images aren’t handled

but before I start gushing about all the fun that’s about to go down...
Let me talk to you about a really important topic you might forget to consider when it comes to choosing a photographer.

This is my love letter to you,

cautiously and backed up with CIA-esque savvy,

they can *POOF* disappear.

I’ve heard horror stories of this type of devastation and this is one area that couples forget to consider when they’re scoping out Red Deer or Central Alberta wedding photographers.

Besides Just Snapping Pretty Photos,
I Maintain an Extensive, State-of-the-Art Backup System
And Backup Your Photos for a DECADE

When you’re picking a wedding photographer, you want a...

Creative and a Critical Thinker.

Getting heirloom quality photos you can print—ones that capture the essence of who you are as a couple— is so important.

•  The amount of raw talent AND experience
   your photographer has
•  How educated he or she is on posing
   (c’mon, you’ve all seen those awkwardly
   posed wedding and engagement shots)
•  How comfortable and natural he or she
   can make you feel in front of the camera,
   because you might be surprised by the
   “camera shy” that comes out when it’s
   time to click
•  The type of experience you have during
   hour-long shoots (hint: it should be fun
   and fabulous not dull and dreadful)
•  The timeliness of your photographer and
   how quickly and efficiently you receive
   your image gallery
•  The continuing education he or she takes
   and how up-to-date he or she is on
   techniques and new methods

•  The amount of raw talent AND experience your photographer has
•  How educated he or she is on posing (c’mon, you’ve all seen those
   awkwardly posed wedding and engagement shots)
•  How comfortable and natural he or she can make you feel in front
   of the camera, because you might be surprised by the “camera
   shy” that comes out when it’s time to click
•  The type of experience you have during hour-long shoots
   (hint: it should be fun and fabulous not dull and dreadful)
•  The timeliness of your photographer and how quickly and
   efficiently you receive your image gallery
•  The continuing education he or she takes and how up-to-date he
   or she is on techniques and new methods

What’s also important is: 

At Raelene Schulmeister Photography, I like to say:

It Has to Be About the Images I Take for You AND the Experience
I Create Long After Your Wedding or Engagement Shoot is Over

is the Stuff Lifelong Stories are Made Of.

It’s important WE tell your wedding story right.

Okay - let’s get this party started.

Here’s Exactly What You Have to Choose From:

Hourly coverage

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optional add ons

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photobooth fun

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available for:
10, 8 or 6 hours 
All hourly coverage includes::
Digital, high resolution negatives of all edited images 
Online viewing gallery
No charge for travel on wedding days


Engagement session 
Customized guest signing book
2nd professional photographer
Extra hourly coverage 
10x10 custom heirloom wedding album
Photobooth -The Social Stand


Photos and GIFs
Texted right to your guests smart phone 
So easy even your grandma can use it

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Looks fun! Tell me more!

Remember—no matter who you choose, you receive: 

(The nitty gritty deets about my pricing and everything else you need to know are in our welcome  guide, which you can get by emailing me)

A pre-wedding or engagement consultation

Before your big day or engagement session, I'll get in touch with you to fill out a questionnaire, give you some tips and tricks to make the most of your day, go through the timeline, listen to your vision, and answer any questions you have.

Fully-edited, high resolution digital negatives of all edited images

Simple as that.

Private Online Viewing Gallery

You get access to a password protected online viewing gallery, so you can share your photos in an easy-to-use, viewer-friendly format with your friends and family. Anyone you give the link to can download and save the photos straight to their computer or order prints directly from the gallery.


I don’t charge you for wedding day travel. That’s 100% included.

Get more deets by reaching out to us via the contact page.

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Hi, I’m Raelene,
but you can call me

If you’re ready to work with wedding photographers who: 

•  Value natural light and capturing the light that sparks between you and your love
•  Helps you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera even if you’re camera shy
•  Eliminate all stress around your wedding photography, because they know what the heck
   they're doing on the creative and the critical side
•  Backs up every photo on a secure, super savvy backup system
•  Know how to “work the crowd” and take fun and candid shots of you and your guests AND
   also knows how to pose you and your loved ones for portraits that are stunning (not awkward)
•  Go out of their way to make sure you have a FUN engagement shoot and wedding day
   experience, so you’re not dreading “smiling for all those pictures”
•  Give you heirloom quality shots you can hang over your fireplace and on your Insta feed….

I’m the lead wedding photographer here, for fun-loving and adventurous couples who want beautiful, lasting photos and a comfortable and confident experience with their photographer. 

I’ve got a bucketload of education, training, and mentoring that supports my talent, but most importantly I have a passion for capturing the real beauty and personality in your love story.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for travel?

Oh, heck-to-the-NO! You get nickeled and dimed for everything when you’re getting married. We're not about to ask for more dimes for travel. We go where you need us - simple as that. 
(Well, unless of course you want us to get on a plane and then we might be talking about destination wedding photography, which is a totally different story).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're like really super awkward in front of the camera...can you make us look good?

You bet your bottom dollar we can! We've taken a ton of education and 'posing' class to help us get you comfortable in front of our lens! We're pretty skilled at making total asses out of ourselves to get those candid smiles and laughs! We're also pretty skilled in photographing allllll body types, so don't worry boo...we got you ;)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require the full payment upfront for each package?

Nope, not at all. We require a $500 deposit to reserve your date and final payment 30 days before your wedding. For couples who want to space their payments out, we also offer customized payment plans ( just be sure to ask). Oh yeah, and we take credit cards too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot more questions...things like “how far in advance do you book weddings?” or “how soon will I get my photos back after my wedding?”.... how can I get answers to those? 

All of those questions and more are answered in our welcome packet and pricing guide, which you can get by filling out our contact form and asking for a copy. Once you’ve had a look at the deets included in the package you’re interested in, we set up a complimentary chat.
We’ll go over your vision for your wedding, your hesitations about wedding photography, what you can expect from us, and so much more (preferably over a steaming hot cup of coffee).

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Ready for more info and to “meet us” in your inbox? 

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Head on over to the contact page and we'll see you soon.