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introducing The social stand 

photos and gif boomerangs!

Texted straight to your guests smart phone!

getting social was never this much fun!

I can't wait to get SOCIAL! Prices starting at $349+gst

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Frequently Asked Questions

will my grandparents be able to use this??

The Social Stand is SO approachable & encourages your guests to touch the screen. The instructions are clearly displayed & it prompts them with "Are you ready? ..1...2...3...go!" - snaps them in GIF or photo awe, immediately plays it back, and invites them to make another... and another.. and another.. and they do because it's so fun & easy to use during dance breaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the social stand open at my wedding/event?

We like to have the booth set up and ready to go for cocktail hour! Your guests will love having something fun to do!  The length of time is up to you! We'll can there for as short as 2 hours & up to 6 hours.
Most of our clients find 3 hours to be the perfect fit! 
Plenty of time for your guests to enjoy & countless gifs for you to crack up at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to offer our guests some kind of print, you know, that old fashioned strip? 

Our Social Stand is eco-friendly! The GIFs live on the internet only. Like little robotic memories. Guests can select their very favourite photos after the wedding to have printed from the online gallery if they really want to!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about props?

No props needed but hey - you’re welcome to supply your own assortment of props 
(or ask us & we can bring some of our favs!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need and do you need access to power?

The booth takes up about 3x3 foot space. A 10x10 area is absolute perfection, with enough room for all your guests to cram in later in the evening for an old fashioned SOCIABLE!
WiFi is helpful but not necessary.
No Wifi? No problem! We've got options that we can discuss with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the social stand enclosed like some of the other booths i've seen?

Nope! The social stand isn't like any photobooth you've already seen! It's what's referred to as an 'open air' booth! We've found that by not having an enclosure your friends can all experience the photobooth together!
 It's compact, looks amazing & is so inviting that your guests won't stop using it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access all of the animated files after my wedding/event? 

The next day, we will send you an online gallery full of all the photos & gifs for 
you to get a good laugh out of!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely not! If your guest doesn't want their social media followers or the world to see them act a fool, no biggie! They definitely do not have to share! But don't fret! You'll still get to see all the shenanigans in the online gallery delivered to you!
So cheers to that!

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