May 8, 2017

Showit United – Why it’s for you | Red Deer Photographers

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Showit United

What is this United I keep hearing about??

United is a laid back, intimate photography conference that happens once a year. Over the course of 4 days, there are different speakers, presenting different material relating to motivation, inspiration, technical skill, business….everything a creative entrepreneur in the photography business can relate to. There are hands on breakouts from some of the industry’s most sought after educators and some fantastic up and comers! Styled shoots lead by people so willing to share their tips, knowledge and heart. Shoots that are so detailed you could literally shoot an entire portfolio update if you wanted to! Activities in the evening, like a pool party or line dancing and BBQ! And hugs. Lots and LOTS of hugs! Visit United’s website for some more detailed info!

My Experience at United

My experience with United was life changing. I know people use that phrase a lot. But seriously. If you’ve tried to start a business of your own in this field, you probably know how unwelcoming it can be. Those that have come before you can be a little bit mean, cruel, rude, negative, unsupportive…I mean you should know better, right? Stop taking all their work. There’s only enough for one photographer and clearly, as they’ve made it known, they were here first. Riiiiiight. Okay! If you know me, I think the exact opposite of that. I want others to succeed, to learn their craft and build amazing businesses, build something they can be proud of. United was FULL of other people that thought that too! HUH? Wait….what?! That’s right people! Everyone talked openly about EVERYTHING! Anything you asked was answered in a genuine truthful and nice way!

And you know how you felt when you were back in school and you walked into the lunch room and all the cool kids were over at their table and you just felt like you were never enough? Hah, or maybe that’s just how I felt šŸ˜‰ Every single person goes out of their way to include everyone! Cocktails by the pool with Amy and Jordan chatting about their cats? Yup! Hugging the one and only Jenna Kutcher like you’ve know each other for years? Yup!Ā Having a heart to heart with Rising Tide Society co-founder Natalie Franke? Yup…She’s THAT Natalie! Walking in on a Showit staff meeting and totally blending in like a BOSS……that actually happened ????Ā but I probably didn’t do it as gracefully as that sounded!

I’m speaking at United 2017!

I seriously credit almost all of who I am on a professional level to this amazing conference, the people and heart behind it and the friends and colleagues that I’ve met through Showit United. When I got thisĀ email from Cassie Jones, Director of United,Ā invitingĀ me to lead a styled newborn shoot, I literally cried. Full on ugly tears.

Everyone has a saying or a word that they try to live up to (don’t they? Maybe I’m alone here too! Lol!) Mine is ‘Work Hard & Be Nice’. I really felt like I was living up to those words when that email came.

I hope to see you there in November so I can hug the bejeezus out of you and support you in YOUR journey!!

If you haven’t snagged your ticket yet, here’s a link to get you $25 dollars off your registration!

Until then, if you need help, reach out friends! We’re all in this together!


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