June 28, 2017

How to use BlogStomp to make your life easier | Alberta Photographers

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How to use BlogStomp to make your life easier

Have you ever wondered how to make your life and your photography business run a little smoother? Make it a little easier?

Friends, here’s where BlogStomp 3.0 comes in! This ‘simple’ software program is pretty much the best thing since OCF! I use it almost everyday and it cuts my workflow almost in half!

What does BlogStomp even do?

BlogStomp takes your photos and resizes them to the best viewing quality possible with the smallest file size! HUH? If you’re wondering what that means in plain old English: BlogStomp makes your photo smaller while keeping it beautiful! One of the main benefits to making a photo smaller is that it will load faster…and that means your viewers won’t get annoyed with you while they sit and wait for your photos to load! YES! It’s a win-win!

Here are some other magical things you can achieve in BlogStomp 3.0!

You can create photo collages! AND you can crop each photo individually and swap them around to different positions!BlogStomp3- How to use BlogStomp in your photography business

** Don’t judge my desktopscreenshots friends 😉

BlogStomp3- Cropping a photo in BlogStomp

BlogStomp3- Moving a photo in a collage- How to move a photo

You can create a blog post right in BlogStomp too. Instead of resizing your photos, opening a new window, adding media and all that bloggity blog stuff, you can save time and do it all at once! Every blog I post is created this way! Check out a recent grad post to see what I mean!

BlogStomp3- How to use BlogStomp in your photography business-Connecting to your blog

You can also post your stomped photos directly to a Facebook album on your personal or business page! Cause really, ain’t nobody got time to post on social media all the time. This feature will save you loads of time…so maybe you can fold that laundry the kids have been taking random socks out of this week 😉

BlogStomp3- Using BlogStomp to post photos directly to your Facebook business page

Since we’re talking about saving time, if you use one of these programs; Shootproof, SmugMug, Zenfolio or Photoshelter, for your photos, you can directly upload to them too! Huzzah!


Another amazing feature that I’m over the freaking moon for is that BlogStomp has the ability to take your photos and make them fit onto your usb!

That sentence doesn’t seem like anything special….but let me explain!

So you have a wedding gallery ready for your beautiful bride and groom and you’ve started to upload it to your beautifully branded and special 16 GB usb…it gets like 88% done and UH-OH! There’s no room left on your usb. Uuuggggggh!! Enter BlogStomp! You plug in your usb, it measures the available space and resizes the photos to fit! Without compromising the image quality! High fives all around!!

BlogStomp3- Stomping onto a USB

Intrigued? I know you are!

Did you know that you can also stomp your photos to a cropped square size for Instagram? And BlogStomp’ll email them right to your mobile device for you to post?! But wait….there’s more! I’m going o walk you through how to make a Facebook cover photo right IN BlogStomp!

How to make a Facebook Cover Photo using BlogStomp

Step 1- Import your photos into BlogStomp

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes

Step 2- Select a few photos to use in your cover photo

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes - How To

Step 3- Optional- Add a coloured block of text that you’ve already made in Photoshop or another program of your choice

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes- adding a colored bar- custom designs

Step 4- Click on Custom Layouts and select Rows! Enter the amount of photo spaces you want first, I’ve chosen 4, then type a comma to separate the rows just like the photo says and lastly, enter however many photos you want in the second row! Repeat as you see fit! Then hit OK!

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes - Custom sizeWe’re almost done!

Step 5- Click the little Facebook screen icon right about your photos, you can see it in the photo below!

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes-How to make a facebook timeline cover in BlogStomp

BlogStomp3- Creating a Facebook Cover Photo in 3 minutes - Facebook timeline cover

Guys. It’s seriously that easy! I know….mind blown right?!

So now that you know all the amazing and magical things BlogStomp can do for you, head on over to their site and use this discount code  STOMP20 to receive 20% off!

*This discount code is good for any regularly-priced item in the StompSoftware store, but cannot be combined wit any other discounts. This discount code will expire at the end of day, July 30 2017.

*I was not compensated to sing the praises of BlogStomp and the above link is NOT an affiliate link where I will be compensated if you purchase a product.


  1. Tracy Irwin says:

    Seriously THANK YOU!!!!! This post is gold!

    And I absolutely judge your desktop.

  2. Nikki Holt says:

    After humming and hawing over this program I think it’s time to take the plunge!! Thank for the amazing article “the” Raelene!!!

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