June 26, 2015

Central Alberta Photographer ~ Raelene Schulmeister Photography ~Gus Wetter Graduates

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The end of the school year means many different things to many different people. As I sit here writing this post on the very last day of the school year, I am so excited to not have to wake up to an alarm, no lunches to be packed and just to have our little girl home with us all day long!

For these wonderful young adults, the end of the school years means they did it. They made it. They are headed towards the rest of their lives! Where they get to decide what kind of people they will be for the rest of their lives, what type of career they will choose, where to live. It’s such an exciting time for them!

Thanks so much for letting me get to know each of you a little better as we spent our portrait time together. Each of these individuals has such a bright future in front of them.

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Congratulations to Benny, Sarah, Savannah, Shianne, Leethan and Jillian


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